Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wow , havent updated this thing in a while , here's a slightly bigger dump  of images  of stuff ive been working on .

This is for a UFC fighter minichallenge that i did on cghub a month  ago,

Serge Birault had a contest running on Facebook a while back for one of his drawings and i made this out of that, could have done better with the shading and texturing but i guess i ran out of time .
Timelapse of the first 2 hours here -

And i finally got around to topoing and Uving this fella, next step textures :)


  1. Awesome...first one is exactly looking like Brock Lesner..isn't he?? :D

  2. Hey Thanks man , hehe i hope so , getting likeness in a character is always a challenge for me :\

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