Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mitti De DUbba 2011 edition

Oh Well Ive been using Zbrush for around a year now  so much so that im really used to all  its tools and quirks , 

Aaand  for a change of  pace i tried out the Mudbox 2011 trial today (btw they have a 3 month special trial provided during the Warriors Challenge hosted on CgHub   )

Its definitely got a different feel to it while sculpting , (something to do with how the mesh reacts i guess) and So far im liking it , howeverit does  take a while to get used to the simplified interface after getting bombarded with ZBrush 30 something brushes , but its a robust interface and i think ill be playing more with it in the future. 

This was a quick doodle done after breakfast  btw... yeah ..ugly dudes with deformed features....thats my thing...yosh.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mini Interview and Making of for Zerg Hydralisk

Hey , not much updates recently as works been a bit hectic , however i did get to make a small making of for cgtantra for my Zerg Hydralisk 

Check it out HERE