Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some 2d stuff

Sometimes i wish had taken an art education instead of a Business degree :P,anyways these are my attempts at trying to learn illustration and concept art .All painting work is done in photoshop and sometimes opencanvas (a really cool and free painting program).

merman challenge for cg tantra

This one's a really old model i did while participating in a challenge for cgtantra. The topic was merman ,i thought of going against the normal muscle bound dude concept and thought of doing an old king of the sea guy with a throne etc.. oh well just managed to finish the body in the end ... might pick up on this concept again in the future . Everything is done in Maya the old fashioned way .. the renders were just normal ambient occlusion renders which were touched up in photoshop, which is normally how i do my final images.

First Post ! (some quick 3d stuffs )

select stuff ive been upto since last year ...most of these are just quick zbrush and mudbox sculpts or studies i did in my free time and yeah , gonna try to do some more regular updates from now :)