Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mitti De DUbba 2011 edition

Oh Well Ive been using Zbrush for around a year now  so much so that im really used to all  its tools and quirks , 

Aaand  for a change of  pace i tried out the Mudbox 2011 trial today (btw they have a 3 month special trial provided during the Warriors Challenge hosted on CgHub   )

Its definitely got a different feel to it while sculpting , (something to do with how the mesh reacts i guess) and So far im liking it , howeverit does  take a while to get used to the simplified interface after getting bombarded with ZBrush 30 something brushes , but its a robust interface and i think ill be playing more with it in the future. 

This was a quick doodle done after breakfast  btw... yeah ..ugly dudes with deformed features....thats my thing...yosh.


  1. Nice Design...wonderful characteristic..

  2. How do you like the texturing features in MB? It's the only reason I'd switch I think. Realtime normal map disply, with stencils and projections, fancy no?