Wednesday, June 30, 2010

small feature on 3d artist magazine

My 3d imaginative busts .. hehe... imaginative busts...heh.. got a small feature on this month's issue of 3d artist magazine no 17 under the community news section . Its cool to finally get published somewhere albiet in a small way :) . Heres hoping to bag some bigger articles in the future . gotta keep working yesh .

Also tried out some hypershot on Tommy Boy, need to do the game rez for him soon .and try my hand at texturing .


  1. hey thanks man , i like the work you have on your blog :)

  2. very nice, good attitude, like it david

  3. David, saw your feature in 3D Artist magazine. Congrats! Great work man!!

  4. THanks Ayan ,glad you like it . hope to do more regular updates soon , just need to wrap up few things this week .

    Thank you Josh :)