Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Im Still alive....(couple of quick ones in zbrush )

These 2 were done as quick sketches to take a break from real work ..
Ones from reference and the other ones a doodle slightly inspired by mass effect 2 (awesome game btw ) can probably make out which one's which .


  1. wow dave..
    thats some super cool models you've got here..
    like the 'anung un rama' a lot..
    big hellboy fan...ive got a couple of deviants of RED in my place..

    keep posting more..what do you do in india btw?


  2. Omg Thanks a lot Manoj
    Been Inspired by your work ever since you started posting on the lines man :)
    Well i was working in the animation industry for the last 5 years ...just quit recently and trying my hand at getting into freelancing at the moment ..
    What about you ?